Toledo, the Imperial City

Toledo Spain, November 2019

Toledo was from about 400 AD up to the end of the sixteenth century one of the most important cities on the Iberian peninsular often serving as capital, for instance for the Visigoth Kings, the taifa of Toledo, Castilian kings, culminating in first half of the 16th century as the capital of Emperor Charles V. Many historical buildings such as synagogues, mosques, churches, palaces, bridges, city walls and palaces remain including delicate artwork as statues, stucco work, frescoes, statues and paintings: most noteworthy are the Mudejar style decorations and the paintings of El Greco. During my visit on 13 November 2019 I visited several places: Puente de San Martin (14th century), Synagogue of El Transito (1356) with the Sephardic Museum, the El Greco Museum, Iglesia San Roman (1221) with the Visigoth museum, the Cathedral of Toledo (13th century) and the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz (999). There are still many more places worthwhile to visit in Toledo.